BRRRT!_Game Audio

our name draws inspiration from comic book speech bubbles, where sound comes alive through text. With over a decade of XP soundscaping games, our mission is to complete the gaming sensory experience

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Our journey began years ago at the inspiring studio 'Jelly Button,' where we delved into game sound in 2012. It was the year 'Pirate Kings' was born, becoming one of the most successful titles in the player market. This success allowed us to establish an in-house recording studio with full-time sound designers, and the conquest began.

Today, we are BRRRT! A team of highly experienced individuals on a mission to enhance the gaming experience through sound, our favorite sense! 🎮 🔊

Jony Vaknin
Creative Director, Business

‘I started in animation and grew to art direct for Jelly Button's top games. Alongside that, I'm a producer, DJ, and songwriter. All these parts of me come together to fuel a creative and musical approach that shapes how I imagine audio concepts for games‘.
Roy Rabinovici
Sound Designer, Musician 

׳I love to harness the power of harmony and melody to enhance and amplify storytelling in all formats, whether as a member of the band 'Acollective,' or in crafting music and designing sonic experiences for films, games, and all things pleasing to the ears׳.

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